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Golden Turtle’s First Farmer’s Market was a Success!

We had our first farmer’s market this past Saturday in Siloam Springs. Thank you to everyone there who allowed us to join, as well as those who came to support the farm by being there or buying vegetables! Our plan at the moment is to do another one in Fayetteville either August 24th or 31st. Hope to see you then!

People setting up.
Back of the tents.
Girls rocking the turtle tees.
Showin off the greens!
Zucchini bread and cherry tomatoes!
Angela holding down the fort and girls speed paintin in the back.

First Farmer’s Market!

We are approved to setup a tent and table at the Siloam Springs farmer’s market tomorrow morning! It will be from 8 in the morning until 1 pm next to the library and new splash park. We will be focusing on Microgreens, cherry tomatoes, basil, and zucchini bread for the first day. Look forward to seeing everyone come out…

Garden growing.
Bushy tomatos!
Indigo cherry drops and edox cherry tomatoes. And zucchini.
Boxin em up.
Lots of Microgreens.
Zucchini bread.
Placin’ vinyl letters.
Finished banner and example setup.
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Akiah in action. The making of our farm logos.

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Akiah in action working on the logos. Notice anything original?

Sunflower Queen

One of our new logos.
Smellin’ tha basil.
Close up of the greens.
Sunflower queen.
Natural sunlight.
No filter. Growlights.
Microgreens need full time security.
Kiah’s epic Golden Turtle “flag”.

GoldenTurtle.Farm is a go!

Gonna be updating this blog as the farm and business grow.

Let us plant a tree and watch it grow together…

First plot.
Adding mulch to keep out weeds.
Growin little by little.

Eventual bounty.
Learning micro greens.
The basil glow as they grow.
Microgreens in the kitchen.
Now for sale.
Future turtle farm house.
Design ideas for farm layout.
Just making it up as we go along.
Hunter inspecting the new grow area.